Administration Notifications


This is a simple module that can be used for communication of site changes/updates between the site designer/developer, and the site owners.

For example, if you maintain a drupal installation for another company, you can use this module to inform them when you have updated versions of the site (ex drupal 7.1 -> 7.2), updated modules on the site (i.e. Administration Notifications 7.x-1.0 -> 7.x-1.1), added new modules, or changed the site design in some manner.

This module creates a content type called 'Administration Notification'. When a node is created using this content type, it posts to the site just like any other node, but it also automatically posts an email to to a specified email address, containing the contents of the node.

Module Incompatibility

Unfortunately, when I created this module, I was new to Drupal, and used the module key admin_notification instead of administration_notification. This means that the module is incompatible with the Admin notification module. I will attempt to fix this when porting to D8 in the future, but D7 will never be compatible with this module.

Pages this module creates

  • node/add/admin-notification - this is the node creation page.
  • admin_notification - this is a page that shows a list of all past notifications.
  • admin/config/system/admin_notification - this is the page where you set the destination email address for admin notifications.

Post Installation

After installing this module, you should go to admin/config/system/admin_notification and set the email address right away. It is set as a default to the site email address.

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