Admin Selector

Turns out this module is a duplicate of Admin Select, which also has a D6 release. So please use that module instead. The only real difference is that this module also supports selecting an admin theme per user.

There are two groups of site builders in Drupal: those that use the Admin module and those that use the Admin Menu module. So what happens if you're in a team and everyone else uses Admin, but you like Admin Menu (or vice versa)? Usually, you're forced to use the other module and bite your tongue. But now you have a solution: Admin Selector (all you have to do is convince the other people to install it on the site).

Admin Selector allows you to choose which of the two modules you want to use. As an added bonus, you can also select which admin theme to use. This is done on a per user basis. Admin and Admin Menu are requirements for this module.

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