Admin message

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Admin Message provides an easy way to show short messages to users via the creation of Admin Message nodes which are displayed in a block. The messages can be individually closed by users (both logged in and anonymous via a cookie).

Examples could be "Welcome to this site...", "Temporary downtime...", "Important security announcement...", "New feature...", etc.

By default, messages that were created before a user registered will not be shown to that user. This can be overridden by the "Always show this message" option. Also, a PHP visibility option, similar to the "Pages" display option used for blocks, is available for each message. Those experienced with PHP may use this visibility option to only show a message for users of a specific role, show a message if a user has not filled in a profile field, etc.

The version for Drupal 5 is still available but is now unsupported. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Work on a Drupal 7 version has began but is still at a very early stage: #1247462: D7 port

This module was initially developed by and for

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