This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Admin:hover Screenshot
This module is abandoned due to a security issue the maintainer never fixed. See SA-2012-006 for details.

If you want to use this module, your options are:

This module adds administrative links to nodes and blocks for users with proper permissions to easily edit content. These links conveniently appear when the user mouses over a node or block, and then disappear on mouse out. Admin:hover also integrates with the Devel and Clone modules.


This module currently works with themes that implement node templates with containing divs whose id attributes are of the pattern "node-%nid", where %nid is the node's numeric nid. Similarly, this module is compatible with themes that implement block templates with containing divs whose id attributes are of the pattern "block-%module-%delta". I am working on eliminating this dependency.

NOTE: Development versions depend on the Token module. This will give the module more flexibility for expansion in future development. Future official releases will have this dependency.

Future Development

I am working on the following:

  • Eliminate the requirements above and improve module (Panels, etc) compatibility.
  • Provide settings to select/de-select Admin:hover links to display. (in dev versions)
  • Fully implement and document hook_admin_hover(), allowing other modules to provide their own Admin:hover links. (progress has been made in dev versions)

I welcome and appreciate all feedback and suggestions (and bug/security reports), so please open up a ticket. Thanks in advance!


Please contact me if you are interested in co-maintaining this project. As you can see, the dev has been slow, and the issue queue list is growing! Thanks.


This project is made possible by DPCI.

The icons used by this module are from Lullabot's wonderful Lullacons icon set.