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Integration with the in-stream advertising platform.

Where to get an API Key?

To use, you need to register with their service at: and get an API key, which you will enter in the module configuration screen.

Theming Requirements

While the Drupal module allows you to theme ads any way you like it, actually has specific and strict requirements on the look-and-feel of the ads. You should read carefully the Implementation Specifications to make sure your themed ads meet the guidelines. Otherwise clicks won't count!

Sample tpl in the module meets all current requirements.

How Does It Work?

There are two kinds of "streams" in Drupal:

  1. Views listings - to enable ads for a display of a view, configure position and content field in the Settings section of the display. Currently supported display types: page, block and feed.
  2. Search result pages - @TBD

Alternatively, you can use module's API function to integrate custom streams with a call like:

$response_values = adly_apicall($content);

where "$content" is either a search query (String) or an array of posts. See more at:


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