Addressfield - Hungarian address database

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is a plugin for Addressfield. It provides a user friendly hungarian address form, and the most wanted feature by the community: A complete (ok, by now 95%) postal code - locality (town, village, etc) - county paired database based on Magyar Posta and Laza Bálint csv.
It extends the default Address form (country-specific) widget of Addressfield.

This module try to make the best way to add an address by users:

  1. Choose the county from a select.
  2. The locality input form is autocomplete and is filtered by the choosen county - if exists.
  3. When locality is choosen, the postal code value is entered automatic.
  4. If the choosen locality has more possible postal code, the postal code field become a select with the possibilites.

The rendered output is like this

6076 Ágasegyháza
Some street and street number
Something in premise field.
Bács-Kiskun megye

What is the premise field?


  • Admin page to edit address database
  • Multiple roles to administer, edit, add, delete address
  • Basic import functions (by now, it only works with csv's of this module) - This doesn't need in the latest version because of import on install.
  • Basic csv debug information (eg. locality without county) This doesn't need in the latest version because of import on install.
  • Easy rebuild address database based on that csv-s. This doesn't need in the latest version because of import on install.


  • Install and enable the addressfield and this module as usual.
  • Go to admin/structure/addressfield_hu/csv_debug page, and import the database, after checking. (When address db became 100% ready, this will move to module install.) This doesn't need in the latest version because of import on install.
  • Add a field to an entity, set the field type to Postal address.
  • In format handler section choose the Address form (country-specific) and Address form (Hungary add-on) both.
  • If ou use the Addressfield only for hungarian address, in the Available countries box choose Hungary, and in format handler check the Hide the country when only one is available.

Planned functions

  1. Import/export csv via Drupal's file managed system
  2. Customizable address rendering
  3. Per instance settings (eg. hide county, if not necessary in a field)

Feel free to contact me, if you need something asap!

Need for final release

  • Cleanup address database (patches are welcome)
  • Remove dependency of Address form (country-specific) widget.
  • Merge two csv into one.
  • One month without any major bug report.

This module need php 5.3!

Any ideas and patches are welcome, let's build us the best hungarian address database! An alpha version will be released within few days. I will use this in a live site soon.

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