This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The most complete module to let you link your users and contents to physical addresses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I created a new branch named 6.x-1.x. This means the master branch is not used for development anymore. If you used git directly to get the latest, make sure to switch to the new branch.


  • All countries of the world!
  • All states of all countries!
  • States/Provinces selectable by drop-down list for users with JavaScript
  • Node addresses through CCK
  • User address book
  • Multiple addresses
  • Customizable address display: change address formatting based on country represented
  • hCard and adr microformats
  • Phone and Fax fields
  • Generic API for developers
  • XHTML, CSS, Drupal and PHP E_ALL valid code
  • PHP 5.3 compatible
  • Plugings like Addresses Extras
  • Integrates with Geocode module

Drupal 7.x support

At this time there are no plans in upgrading Addresses to Drupal 7. You may want to look into Address Field instead.

Upcoming Features

These features are planned to be added on this module. Since we are quite busy, it might take a while to implement them all. If you know PHP, come and help!

  • API for fields validation: ie, check if the state is from the given country or correct Postal Code
  • Views integration: filters, sortable fields, and arguments of address elements
  • "Field plugins": allowing to integrate postal codes with extra data

Did a modification or know of a bug? Please post it in the project's issues and we will be glad to review it.

The project is listed on Ohloh.

Depends on Token.