This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

UPDATE: HEAD is a complete rewrite of the module based on lionfish's original code
I don't have any spare time at the moment to maintain this module. I am available though, if people want to fund additional development to fix several of the bugs or add features. I can be contacted at:

This module defines a widget to be used with the nodereference CCK field type. It allows the user to either select items in a list (in the normal way) or create new items in a form on the same page. Note that add_n_reference is similar, but sends the user to the create-node page for that node type, rather than allowing them to create it on the same page.

The latest release (1.2) is still being heavily tested and shouldn't be used on a production site. I should have made use of the 'development snapshots' rather than 'official releases'.

Example screenshots: here, here and here.

Initially funded by obslogic.

Quick summary of bugs still to fix:

  • Doesn't cope with no types of nodereference types
  • Allow multi/single select (easy!)
  • Replace 'table' html with style sheets code
  • Infinite recursion: If node ref is to another node that ref the first in someway with this widget
  • Viewing Preview doesn't work at all

Changes in HEAD

  • Uses a popup window to create a node
  • multi/single select works
  • preview works
  • You can reorder the references
  • You can have multiple addnode fields on the same form
  • Uses thickbox to display the node - you will need to download thickbox.css and thickbox.js and copy them to the addnode module folder while I figure out a better way to manage this.