Ad Flash

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

An add-on for the Advertisment module that allows Flash advertisements to be displayed.

This project has been created from the on-going development of code and desire for a formal module to be created. The original discussion is at #135567: Developing a flash plugin for ad module


1. Install and enable Advertisment module

2. Install, enable, configure and verify the getID3 module and getid3 php library

3. Install and enable 6.x-2.x version of ad_flash

Design your flash SWF with the clickTAG standard. Do NOT place a URL in the getURL of your SWF or it will not work correctly in all browsers and you will not get any click-statistics in the Advertisement module in Drupal. The destination URL should not be located in an SWF's code, anywhere

4. Due to the need for some extra elements to get this module working, and some of these elements not falling under the relevant licences, it is not possible to include them for download within this module.

  • Download the required active_content javascript files
  • Create a subdirectory inside the ad_flash directory, called ‘scripts’.
  • Extract AC_ActiveX.js and AC_RunActiveContent.js into this directory. The paths to these files should be ad_flash/scripts/AC_ActiveX.js and ad_flash/scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js.

(FLV) content is not supported at the moment but the feature is planned to be implemented in future.

6.x branch is the only supported version from now on.
If anyone is still interested to backport changes to 5.x please contact me with a nice patch.

Ad Flash 6.x-2.8-beta2 was sponsored by Die Referenz
It includes a couple of new features like Flash detection for mobile devices and allows an image fallback when flash is not available.

If you like this module you can contact me directly for custom work or website development

Ad Flash项目的Drush安装命令:复制到剪贴板