Ad Auction

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The ad auction module integrates the ad and the uc_auction modules to bring you advertisement slots that people bid for in order to display their advertisements.

Currently this module is in development and I am uploading it to the community for testing.

This is a unique way in which to create advertising revenue for your site. Advertisers manage their own advertising, cutting out the middleman and they can advertise at a cost which is based on supply and demand. As site admin your only job is to advertise to potential advertisers how they can get to advertise on your site.

The module works on the basis of a cycle of time for the display of adverts which can be configured through admin. Ad slots are re-auctioned in a regular cycle so that at the end of each display cycle the next batch of ads is ready to be displayed. If an ad slot is not bought then it displays your default ad.

This module should not be allowed anywhere near a production environment.

Alpha3 Release
If you downloaded the alpha1 version then you will need to uninstall-reinstall in order to use the alpha2 or alpha3 versions. New features: Admin block showing current advertisement cycle, next advertisement cycle and current ad slot cycle.

Alpha4 Release
Now tested as working. It just needs refinements. Any community feedback would be helpful.
TODO: Test that cron is running frequently enough and provide warning if not.

Alpha6 Release
Due to the cron creating nodes from ad channels an admin setting has been added turning the cron run off so that this doesn't cause unnecessary ad slot creation when they are not needed.

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