Activity Stream

The following applies only to version 3.x.
Earlier versions are no longer maintained.

Activity Stream builds a lifestream, a "River of You", by aggregating all your social activities in one place. Whether it's bookmarks on, posts from Twitter or your blog, edits to wikis or enjoyed music and movies, anything you create can be gathered into one easy-to-read stream. Every item becomes a full Drupal node, allowing them to be searched, promoted, commented upon, and managed just like any other piece of content within Drupal.

Activity Stream 3.x also attempts to archive these activities by retaining a copy of the raw data received. This allows you to recreate your activity items, even if the remote site is no longer listing that item, if you didn't use all the data the first time around (GPS, user-agent strings, keywords, etc.), or if the service doesn't exist any more. If you uninstall the module, the imported content is kept, though all module configuration is deleted.

Developers can build modules to add more third-party integrations using a dead-simple API that is half Activity Stream and half Drupal core. Both theme and module developers can tweak the activity item display from the defaults.

Services supported in core include: Twitter and any RSS or Atom feed. Activity Stream 7.x-3.1 is scheduled to add dozens more by providing a Feed Service Builder.


  1. Copy the activitystream/ directory to your sites/SITENAME/modules directory.
  2. Enable the module and configure it at user/#/edit/activity-stream.
  3. View the site-wide activity stream at activity-stream.
  4. View the per-user activity stream at user/#/activity-stream.
  5. See "Adding more services" for how to integrate another service.

Adding more services

If the service you'd like to add offers RSS feeds, first consider if you can merely add it to the Feed URLs input provided by the Activity Stream Feed module at user/#/edit/activity-stream. If that is satisfactory, you're done. If it isn't (because the service doesn't provide RSS, you want to tweak the display, etc.), follow the steps below.

To begin adding more services:

  1. You'll need to create or use a custom module to implement the API. Further information about module development and the Drupal APIs is available in the Develop for Drupal docs. At the minimum, read:
  2. Read about the Activity Stream API in activitystream.api.php.

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