Acobot Live Chat Robot & Customer Support Widget

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What is Acobot

Update: Acobot service is on hold at this time. Please don't install the module until this paragraph is removed. We're sorry for the inconvenience!

Acobot is a powerful D.I.Y. customer support automation platform, which includes two features as below.

Acobot Live Chat Robot

Use Acobot live chat robot to engage your website visitors and turn more browsers into buyers. Your robot will

  • Greet visitors to your website.
  • Answer their questions instantly.
  • Address their concerns, with a human touch.
  • Collect their email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Bring them to the right web pages (pushing page).
  • And turn them into paying customers like never before.

Your robot is fully automated. This means she will work for you even 24 hours a day, when you go to the beach.

What is Acobot

Acobot Customer Support Widget

This widget is designed to replace or complete the contact form or support email address on your website. It looks like a simple contact form but after customers submit the form, immediately your robot will:

  • Check the submitted messages.
  • Give instant answers to customer questions.
  • Guide customers to resolve their issues interactively.

Customers will be happy because they can resolve a big part of their issues without waiting. Your team will be happy because the volume of support requests are reduced significantly.

How can Acobot give accurate answers specific to business?

Your robot will learn from you when you review chat logs or send replies to customers. It's simple, easy, and powerful.

IMPORTANT: Acobot is designed to chat in English. The robot does NOT work with any other languages. Sorry but she's too busy to study foreign languages at this time.

What does this module do?

This module makes integrating Acobot with your Drupal site a simple, easy and fast process. The features of this module include:

  • Easy setup: You just need to provide an installation key.
  • Visibility control: You decide whom to chat with and at where.
  • Transferring email address: The email addresses of authenticated users are automatically sent to your robot.

Sign up to get your own installation key.

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