Account Types

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Use 1.4 version. Looking for co-maintainer. See message in issue queue.

If you have a ton of users and a ton of roles on your site this module aims to eliminate errors in assigning roles and simply make it easier to keep track of who should be able to do what.

The site admin -

  1. defines account types
  2. assigns roles to each account type via checkboxes

Either the site admin or user admin -

  1. assigns account types to users
  2. assigns roles to users based on the limits of the account type

The user -

  1. can't tell the difference

Permissions and roles behave as they always have. Account types pretty much just disable the role checkboxes on the user edit page so that the wrong role can't be assigned the user. This is important if you have a person that is a little technically challenged helping to administer users or who doesn't understand that a particular person isn't supposed to be assigned a role just because they requested it.

NEW FEATURE! You can now select roles that will be auto-assigned when the user gets the Account Type assigned to them.

This also lets you feel free to create more roles when you've hesitated in the past to add the complexity. For instance, say that the moderators of one working group at a business need permission set A, and moderators of another working group need permission set B, which overlaps A some. In the past, you'd probably go ahead and assign all permissions to a single moderator role, especially if you already had to create many other roles. With a small company, that may not be a problem. If the company has many working groups, each with slightly different needs, maybe it could be. Continuing the working group example, you could create an account type for each working group. Every member would belong to that account type. Then you could assign roles to the account type that only that working group needs. Some roles may be the same as those in other groups, but others may be unique to them. When you go to assign the role, your choices will be restricted to those of the group's account type. Continuing further, say you have a manager over several work groups, you could create an account type for managers, and then assign all roles belonging to the working groups to them.

Although this is a poorly described example, hopefully, you can see the potential of this module.

Also see the README.

Contact me via my Drupal profile if you'd like to hire me to set this module up, modify it for your particular use, or other Drupal/PHP work.

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