Access unpublished


Easy to use module grants access to view unpublished content to anyone who has a unique URL and appropriate permissions. Visitor can be anonymous or authenticated user with the user role.

When administrator or users with enabled privileges visit (or save) unpublished node, can see link for direct view that unpublished content. Unique URL link is displayed as Drupal message or in node content.

Administrator can enable view an unpublished node for any roles with "View unpublished contents" permission. If it is set for anonymous users, anyone who know the link with hash key, can view the unpublished node. View only, not edit.

Default URL parameter is "hash" and can be changed on configuration page for more security or customization.

Module is useful for proofreaders, content checkers etc. Webmaster does not need to create user accounts and can keep the website safer. Each node has its own unique hash key (like Google Docs).


After installing and activating module you should first configure the settings for the module.
You can change the value of the 'URL hash parameter'. This is the value used in the URL to identify the generated hash.

Afterwards you will need to set the module permissions


If you have configured the module and save a new node, without publishing it, a direct access URL will be displayed.

You can send this URL to anyone and using this URL they will be able to view the page (anyone or user role, it depends on configuration). Using the URL without the hash ( will result in the 'normal' message that you are not allowed to view the content.

Drupal 6 and 7 version note

Development of module for D6 was stopped. Version for D7 was started as new module development, so it is not compatible with D6 version.

Similar projects:

There are quite some modules that manage access access to unpublished content on a content-type basis but unlike access_unpublished you cannot specify access per node.

Supporting organizations: 
Started the Drupal 8 port

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