American Bible Society Bible Search

What is this module?

The Bible Search module provides your site with a means to search and display bible content on your web site. The functionality and content are modeled after the web site, but remains completely on your own site. All data is pulled via the public api provided by ABS, and is free for your use.

What are the advantages of using this module?

  • Free and actively maintained by the American Bible Society. We've been around since 1816. We'll be here for a while more.
  • You don't have to store the bible data locally. Your database will not get bloated, and neither will your file system. All data is pulled from our api as needed.
  • We keep the data up to date. You might think that the Bible doesn't change. You'd be wrong. Like any book there's a constant stream of changes that are needed to correct textual issues created in digitizing, publisher errors, or translation changes as they are updated. We take care of that for you.
  • You can layout the search how you want. We provide you with separate blocks for the search form and the search results so that you can mix and match how they are layed out on your page, and whether to even have them both on the same page. We also give you lots of css ids and classes to help you in theming it how you want.
  • We use a simple search form. Some bible search applications use complicated forms, with multiple search fields and lots of options. We use a single search field, and let the software figure out what the person intended to search for. You can also provide your own search form, or hook into the module form and alter it.
  • We give you multiple versions. We are becoming the central clearing house for the authoritative digital copies of many translations, and are actively pursuing the rights to allow you to display and use those translations. That means you'll be able to use more than just public domain translations. We are adding translations all the time. You can pick which ones you want to use on your site in the module admin.
  • We take care of copyrights. Many apps take little to no concern with properly caring for the ownership of translations, which can mean that you are inadvertently breaking copyright. We make sure that copyright is properly dealt with in your site.

Can I see a demo?

Sure. is a demo site. You can also see another site already using this module at, to see how it has been re-skinned.

How do I install this module?

There are a few steps that you need to follow to get this app working. These steps are included in the module INSTALL.txt file.

American Bible Society Bible Search项目的Drush安装命令:复制到剪贴板



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