About This Node

This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Seeking a new maintainer

Please contact Todd Nienkerk if you are interested in taking over maintenance of this module.

About This Node

About This Node creates a block that displays information about the node you're viewing. It allows users to see, at a glance, the following information without clicking "Edit" or digging into revision history:

  • node ID (NID)
  • node type (content type)
  • creation date and time
  • creation author (user who created the node)
  • last updated date and time
  • last updated author (user who made the most recent change to the node)
  • published status
  • promoted to front page status
  • sticky status
  • commenting status (enabled, read only, or disabled)

Note: About This Node is not built with end-users in mind. Rather, this is an administrative tool to allow admins and other privileged users quick access to important information about a node. Requests to add end-user-facing features will be denied (with a friendly apology, of course).


This module, when enabled, creates a block that displays the information about a node. You will need to display this block in one of your theme's regions (at Admin > Site Building > Blocks).

You will also need to tell the module the content types for which it should display the block. (By default, it only displays for the content type "Story.") To add or remove content types that display the block, go to Admin > Site configuration > About This Node. Simply check off the content types you want.

Finally, you will need to set your users' permissions. Go to Admin > User management > Permissions (or Admin > User management > Access control in Drupal 5) and look for the row titled "about_this_node module." Now check off which roles you want to administer the module and/or view the block.

Customizing output

To customize the output of About This Node's block, you may override the theme function theme_about_this_node_node() in your theme's template.php file.

Learn more about overriding theme functions here:

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