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“Archibald” is a digital library cataloging digital content used for teaching and learning. It offers a catalog, search and filter functions, file handling and a comprehensive user interface. A primary function is to describe a learning resource in its educational context, its conditions of use and its access. The specified learning object can be located anywhere in the internet or uploaded.

The structure of the description and the taxonomies are based on the learning object metadata standard (IEEE LOM Learning Object Metadata, 2002). Taxonomies can be added manually or imported from any ontology server. “Archibald” supports in its process the multi-language description of learning objects.

Functions to display, edit, store, retrieve and export the metadata of the catalog entries are implemented as well as the option to export these LOM-structured metadata into the catalog of the Swiss national digital library. (This export function requires digital certificates for user authentication and a specific contract.)
Besides it includes a fine system of rights and roles assignment to define the workflow of cataloging and/or the area of competence with the possibility to activate or hide single input fields and form sections per role.

This module is intended to serve individuals and institutions of the educational systems, but may be used for any catalog application, too.

Core functions are:

  • user interface with search and filter
  • configurable user interface to catalog resources
  • taxonomy to assign curriculums to resources
  • Is an implementation of LOM data structures and taxonomies
  • comprehensive configuration interface for admins to manage roles and rights

System Requirements:

PHP 5.3 or higher
MySQL 5.0.15 or higher with PDO, PostgreSQL 8.3 or higher with PDO
SQLite is not supported

General PHP configuration notes

  • PHP XML extension. This extension is enabled by default in a standard PHP installation; the Windows version of PHP has built-in support for this extension. Enabling the XML extension also enables PHP DOM.
  • ImageMagick to provide the colourisation of thumbnail images.
    See the ImageMagick install instructions for your platform if you want that.
  • Archibald requires PHP memory of 64MB, the archibald_import submodule up to 256MB
  • PHP Multibyte String
  • PHP OpenSSL is required if you like to use the connection to the swiss national digital school libary






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