Administration Notifications


This is a simple module that can be used for communication of site changes/updates between the site designer/developer, and the site owners.

For example, if you maintain a drupal installation for another company, you can use this module to inform them when you have updated versions of the site (ex drupal 7.1 -> 7.2), updated modules on the site (i.e. Administration Notifications 7.x-1.0 -> 7.x-1.1), added new modules, or changed the site design in some manner.

This module creates a content type called 'Administration Notification'. When a node is created using this content type, it posts to the site just like any other node, but it also automatically posts an email to to a specified email address, containing the contents of the node.

Version 7

Version 7.1-RC1 has been released. No new features have been added, it's just a straight upgrade from version 6. I am marking it as a release candidate, as it has had no testing other than my own, but as there were no new features added it should work fine as is. If no issues are raised in the next couple of weeks, I will release it as a full release.

Pages this module creates

  • node/add/admin-notification - this is the node creation page.
  • admin_notification - this is a page that shows a list of all past notifications.
  • admin/settings/admin_notification - this is the page where you set the destination email address for admin notifications.

Post Installation

After installing this module, you should go to admin/settings/admin_notification and set the email address right away. It is set as a default to the site email address.

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